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Auftank-Tage mit Yoga

29. August bis 1. September 2019 in der Ramsau am Dachstein, Obersteiermark

4 Tage zum Aussteigen aus dem gewohnten Alltag. Mit täglichen Yoga-Einheiten in einer friedvollen und naturbelassenen Umgebung sich selbst spüren und - passend zum kommenden Herbst - wieder zur eigenen Essenz, dem Wesentlichen in meinem Leben finden. Ausgewählte Körper- und Atemübungen, (Geh)Meditationen und die Reflexion über yogische Weisheiten aus dem Integralen Yoga begleiten uns auf dieser individuellen und gemeinsamen Reise.

Mehr Infos und Anmeldung hier

Seminarreihe Tanz und Töne

A holistic training in dance and music pedagogy for pedagogues and people working in different group settings.

Next open module (Authentic Movement and Sound): May, 25 & 26 at Casa Ananda, Alberstrasse 9/3, 8010 Graz.

For further info in English please contact me directly

Weekly Dance Courses

Contact Improvisation & Authentic Movement (Graz inner city)

Ongoing weekly course every Monday from 19:15 - 21:15

Location: Casa Ananda, Alberstrasse 9/3, 8010 Graz, 1st floor

Open for all levels

Registration: [email protected] or at:

For further information in English please contact me directly: [email protected]

Holistic Dance

From the 6th of March 2018 every Tuesday from 17:30-19:00 in Casa Ananda

For further information in English please contact me directly.

Jams und Festivals

Schloss Jam

Nächster Termin: 21.-24. Mai 2020

Mehrtägige Jam als eine Begegnung von Menschen im Tanz - inspiriert von live Musik und naturbelassener Umgebung.

Katrin Oberrauner, Ben Croker und Eva Brunner – als Reisebegleiter*innen – bieten Impulse zum Ankommen bei Dir selbst an, als Einstieg in den Tanz, als sicheren Rahmen für die freie Struktur der Begegnungen. Mit live Musik von Pablo Bertone.
Mehr Info (vergangene Schloss Jam 2019): hier

Weekly Yoga Courses

Tuesday (19:30-21:00) & Wednesday (16:30-18:00) at Casa Ananda
Monday (17-18:15) & Thursday (19-20:30) in Andritz (St. Veit)

Open level, drop in possible.

Registration required: [email protected]/ 0680 325 84 70

Past Events

Contact Improvisation & Authentic Movement Summer Course

NEW DATE: 19th - 22nd of July 2019, Dienten am Hochkönig, Salzburg

This summer course offers different approaches to Contact Improvisation and is open to newbies as well as experienced dancers. Besides working with the basics of Contact Improvisation like rolling points of contact, leading and following, giving and taking weight, we will also work with our inner movement impulses using elements of Authentic Movement. You can look forward to an explorative journey into your inner world, in touch with nature and a group of moving people.

Registration: [email protected]

Yoga- und Klangreise

On 14th of June next Yoga and Sound Evening from 18:00 to 21:00 with music therapist Zita Martus.

Place: Urania, Graz

For further information please contact me directly

Holiday for Body and Soul with Nature and Yoga

  • Yoga und Canoeing 7th-10th of June 2019 in Schladming (Upper Styria)
    Further Info and registration: here

    For information in English please contact me directly

Body wisdom

25th of May 2019, 11:00-17:00
26th of May 2019, 12:00-18:00

Dance and Theater Improvisation, Authentic Movement and Sound Journeys leading us to our individual body wisdom.

Casa Ananda, Alberstraße 9/3, 8010 Graz

Facilitation: Katrin Oberrauner & Zita Martus, Klang- und Musiktherapeutin

Registration and further info in English: [email protected]/0680 325 84 70

Weekend Workshop with Yoga and Sound

18th and 19th of January 2019 at URANIA (Burggasse 4, Graz)

Open for all levels.

Facilitation: Katrin Oberrauner & Zita Martus, Klang- und Musiktherapeutin (

Info and registration: here
For further information in English please contact me directly.

Yoga and Outdoor-Retreat

A fine retreat with diverse movement in nature from 22.-26. of August 2018 in Ramsau, Dachstein, upper Styria

Yoga, Canoeing and Hiking

For further information in English please contact me directly.

Schoolworkshop B3 Bruck

On 2nd of July for the pupils of the vocational school B3 in Bruck
For further information in English please contact me directly.

Dancing pupils

Movement workshop for the pupils of the Red Cross School on the 4th of May 2018
at Feel Free Yoga Studio (Albrechtgasse 9, 8010 Graz)

Holistic Danceworkshop for schools

On the 5th of April there is the next holistic dance workshop for the students of the school B3 Bruck

For further information in English please contact me directly.

Wisdom of the Integral Yoga for daily life

On the 20th of January 2018 from 14:00 - 17:00.

Location: Casa Ananda, Alberstrasse 9/3, 8010 Graz

Back to the Essence – Hiking & Council in the Dolomites

14th - 17th September 2017 in Dordolla, Italy

In this weekend, we will embrace the power of council with the natural power of the great outdoors. We will listen, we will share and we will walk. This combination of listening and sharing from the heart, moving our bodies and emotions, and being in the incredible surroundings of the mountains and wilderness, will provide a solid frame for exploring questions, topics and life themes that are present for you now.

In addition to council and guided hikes, we will offer guided meditation and breathing exercises (Pranayamas).

Read more here.

Inside-Out: A Journey of Movement for Body and Soul in Tuscany

14th - 19th May 2017 (Spring Retreat) in Casale Pundarika, Riparbella, Italy
1st - 6th October 2016 (Autumn Retreat) in Casale Pundarika, Riparbella, Italy
24th - 28th May 2016 (Spring Retreat) in Casale Pundarika, Riparbella, Italy

Devote five days to yourself in this nature paradise in Tuscany, exploring your natural rhythm, relaxing, recharging, returning to inner silence. Using elements of dance improvisation, authentic movement and yoga, as well as non-judgemental forms of verbal communication, you will be accompanied on a journey to what nourishes you and makes you feel alive.

Contact Improvisation Basics

From 2nd - 5th of January 2017 in Auroville, South India

Learning to Thrive Masterclass

10th May 2017 in Impact Hub Vienna

A full day masterclass on how to thrive in business while doing what you love, nurturing your personal relationships and staying true to your values. In this professional development workshop we will inquire into the nature of life, reality and truth. We will explore and create clarity around your motives and driving force, helping you to achieve financial freedom while doing the work you love and that excites you the most.

Couples Contact & Authentic Movement

23rd - 24th April 2016 in Vienna
5th - 6th March 2016 in Vienna

This workshop allows you to dedicate some quality time to your intimate relationship while exploring the “essentials” of Contact Improvisation together with your partner. In combination with Authentic Movement we will listen to our own sensations and impulses which can lead us to some hidden and new places of dance.

Yoga & Dance Weekly Course

2nd March - 15th November 2016 in Vienna

In this weekly course we combine elements of improvisation and dance with Integral/Hatha Yoga. Sometimes accompanied by music, we will follow our inner impulses and let ourselves be led into a free dance. Afterwards we will stretch, strengthen and relax our bodies with the help of specific Asanas (physical exercises).

Dance & Movement Improvisation USI Semester Course

Weekly course from 2013 to 2014 in USI Vienna

+43 680 325 8470
Graz, Austria