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Learning to Thrive-Workshops

A professional self-development workshop on how to thrive in your (work) life. In this workshop we will explore and create clarity around personal motives and driving force, helping us to stay true to our values while nurturing personal relationships and finding fulfillment in our work.

1/3 of the workshop is theoretical, getting to know some simple and efficient tools of systemic coaching, mental training and embodiment.
The remaining part of the Workshop is experiential where the participants get to apply and experience the discussed tools.
The workshop's content follows a holistic approach of wellness in the sense of being and feeling well in your body, mind and soul

Compact (1.5 hours), Classic (3 hours), Intensive (full day).

For further information and to schedule your session contact me directly: +43 680 325 8470 or [email protected]

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+43 680 325 8470
Graz, Austria